Our Services


Among the most significant provided by Project Impact, is the service of counseling and wellness care.  This service involves more than traditional counseling, it also includes preventive intervention designed to work with all areas of personal wellness and care.

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We at Project Impact believe that every child is able to learn and succeed in school.  We are here to help all students who need a little extra help by providing free tutoring with personalized attention, caring role models and knowledgeable teachers.  It is our goal that all children have a quality education.

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The participants in our Mentoring Program are assigned a mentor, after assessment, to assist in sustaining pre-determined goals and objectives.  The activities move the participant from areas of “need” to “solution.”

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Job Readiness – Placement

Our Job Readiness and Placement Program prepares our participants, through training, to seek and obtain employment.  We also teach them how to maintain a job, once hired. We teach them how to accurately and legibly complete an application.  We assist and show them how to write a resume for the position for which they applying. When our participants leave our program, they are well-equipped to seek for and obtain employment.

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PARENT EDUCATION (English and Spanish)

Project IMPACT offers an evidence-based Parenting Program to the parents of our community to support them in their efforts of nurturing the children in their care.  This is a 12-week program and provides a Certificate of Completion at the end of the 12-week session.

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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (English and Spanish)

Domestic Violence is a physical, emotional and spiritual injury caused by an intimate partner.  Domestic Violence is recognized as a major social and health problem.  It is a pervasive problem experienced by members of every socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic group.  We see that one way to address this problem is for us to train and teach women and men to identify areas where their families are overburdened and to increase their understanding of the dynamics of abuse.

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