New Center Development

A Letter from our Co-Founder

From the desk of Matthew R. Harris, D.Min.

Dear Friend,

I would like to personally thank you for your interest in Project IMPACT.

It continues to be our lifetime goal to direct and train Pastors- mobilizing church leaders to establish IMPACT Centers across the country. Since the start of Project IMPACT, we have had the opportunity to divert over 40,000 youth from gangs, drugs and violence.

With the completion of our “Strategic Plan”, our goal is to establish IMPACT Centers in some of our nation’s toughest neighborhoods. Each center will be responsible for reaching 300 “at-risk” youth per-year. In short, Project IMPACT provides the church a “practical model” for urban ministry. By establishing an IMPACT Center, we show the local church “how to” reach youth and families that are threatened by violence. The mission of Project IMPACT is two fold:

1) To assist the church in developing it’s capacity to reach youth and their families threatened by gangs, drugs and violence by 2) establishing IMPACT programs in the local church that offer our youth tools to survive and thrive in a hostile environment.

More than talk, we are building the capacity to reduce youth violence across our nation.

For your use, enclosed please find the following information regarding the next steps to establish an IMPACT Center in your area:

Letter of Intent (LOI) (Click to Download) The enclosed LOI will need to be signed and returned to our office. Following receipt of your LOI, we will assist you with the completion of the Feasibility Study. The LOI will need to be signed by the sponsoring organization.

Requirements and Costs (CLICK to Download)  The requirements and costs will help you to more fully understand what it will take to establish an IMPACT Center in your area.

Program Overview, Strategic Plan and Video Tape (CLICK to download)  These tools will assist you in explaining the program for those interested in referring youth to the program, via “Memorandum of Understanding”, along with those interested in financially supporting the program. Included is a 5 minute video tape and a copy of our Strategic Plan further explaining Project IMPACT and your affiliation with the National office.

The Feasibility Study (CLICK to Download)  The Feasibility Study will help us assess the readiness to establish an IMPACT Center in your area in five categories: 1) Does the program serve as an extension of the churches outreach; 2) Is there a need for the program; 3) Is there staff to operate the program; 4) Is there space to operate the program; 5) Is there adequate funding for the program.

Next Steps Once we receive your non-binding “Letter of Intent”, we will walk you through both completing the Feasibility Study and how to use the Program Overview. Once the Feasibility Study has been competed, you will then have the opportunity to decide whether or not you wish to establish an IMPACT Center in your area. If you choose not to establish an IMPACT Center, no fees are due. If you decide to establish an IMPACT Center, we would then enter into an Affiliation Agreement. You would be required to complete our 40-hour Affiliate Training program and forward to our office your $10,000 start-up fee. At the completion of the Affiliate Training, we would walk you through our Affiliate Start-up Check List to further assure the successful development of the center.

Congratulations on your first step toward becoming an IMPACT Center. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at (310) 631-9763. We look forward to the very real possibility of working with you. Again, thanks for considering the work of Project IMPACT and God Bless you.