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… guidance counseling and personal development.

Among the most significant provided by Project Impact, is the service of counseling and wellness care.  This service involves more than traditional counseling, it also includes preventive intervention designed to work with all areas of personal wellness and care. To find if you or your child or youth is eligible for free counseling and care, please call 1-888-431-2882.

At some point in life, everyone needs a little extra care, direction and guidance. Regardless of who you are or what your life situation is all about, there will be times when you need to reach out to someone for support. This is where Project IMPACT can make a huge difference for you and your family. For nearly 25 years, we have offered people just like you opportunities to receive free support and guidance. These services are available on an individual or small group basis depending on your needs and the personal program we design for you.

Who are the Project IMPACT Counselors? Project IMPACT counselors are trained professionals… How Our FREE Counseling and Wellness Care Works Children, youth and adults are diverted from the court system and/or incarceration through guidance counseling, personal development workshops and referral assistance.

Those referred into our program are provided a personal IMPACT counselor who develops an individualized case plan with specific treatment goals and strategies to be achieved while a part of the program. The assigned counselor will meet with the client to evaluate treatment needs, set goals and provide additional support to insure that each person in the program achieves their stated goals. A wide range of treatment services are available to each program participant to further assure their success and development.


Project IMPACT offers special programs and support services designed to encourage troubled youth to remain in school. This program interfaces with the schools’ “At-Risk” program, school counselors and the Child Welfare Attendance Office. Program and support services include: Drop-out prevention workshops, guidance counseling, family forums, and career workshops, networking with other support agencies, relocation assistance, and advocacy and tutoring.

Stories from people we are proud to Counsel:

One of my clients, Chantisa, dealt with a lot of traumatic experience and struggled with finances, relationships and parenting issues. I spent approximately one year with her to help her through these issues. At the last session, she made a statement that “It took time for me to grow, but I made it.” Lu-Chien – Project IMPACT counseling intern.