Bishop Tom Benjamin



Over the past 43 years, Bishop Tom Benjamin has served as the Senior Pastor of Light of the World Church (now Pastor Emeritus), a three thousand member church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bishop Benjamin’s passion is children and has authored four books around the growth and development of “At-risk” youth and families: Boys To Men, The Home Alone Syndrome, Mama’s Boy, and It’s All In Your Mind. In the book Mama’s Boy, Dr. Robert Schuller writes in his foreword, “This book will be recommended and read long after Tom and I have passed on from the scene. Its message glorifies God, empowers children who feel rejected, and confirms the fact that some of the best among us came from broken homes. It is a tribute especially to single parents who have lost hope and children of single parents who feel rejected … Here is the story of self esteem lost, regained, and then most important, passed on… this is what I hope you do with this book – pass it on. It just may save somebody’s life.”

Bishop Benjamin helped to launch 5 (five) IMPACT Centers throughout the state of Indiana through state sponsored legislation that has rescued over 25,000 youth from gangs, drugs and violence. Bishop Benjamin is the President and Founder of the Tom Benjamin School of Ministry that works in partnership with Wesley Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana providing “how to” resources and support for urban ministry. Bishop Tom Benjamin is married to the lovely Beverly Benjamin for nearly fifty years. He is the proud father of three sons, two daughter-in-laws and two grandchildren.