Parent Education

Preparing Your Child for School & Life

Education is a never ending gift. Project IMPACT is in the business of offering this gift to children, youth and also to adults and parents. This service involves…To find if you or your child or youth is eligible for free counseling and care, please call 1-888-431-2882.

Why All Parents Need Education

All people can benefit from education and the reminder of important tools needed for healthy living. Regardless of who you are or what your family dynamic is, expanding your education can always lead to improved communication and relationship. This is where Project IMPACT can assist in both you and your family.

How Our Parent Education Program Works

The program is designed to assess high risk parenting and child rearing attitudes among adults and adolescents with the hopes of assisting the parent to better cope with their changing responsibilities.  The program focuses on four basic types of dysfunctional parent/child interactions based on AAPI evaluation and PET curriculum:

  • Inappropriate developmental expectations of children
  • Lack of empathic awareness of children needs
  • Attitudes concerning the use of corporal punishment
  • Reversing parent/child family roles

English/Spanish Classes

Domestic violence is a, physical, emotional and spiritual injury cause by an intimate partner. It is recognized as a major social and health problem of our time. It is a pervasive problem experience by members of every socioeconomic, cultural, and ethic group. 0ne way to address the problem of domestic violence is to train and teach women and men to identify overburdened families and to increase their understanding of the dynamics of abuse.

Project IMPACT’s Domestic Violence program is an intervention that help individuals who are caught in the cycle of abuse. We service both the abuser and the victim. Our program addresses at risk practices that could lead to death, disability, injury, and the involvement with the criminal justice system. In addition, Project IMPACT provides services to children who have witness domestic violence and may be negatively affected in terms of their cognitive, social and psychological development.


English/Spanish Classes Anger Management and healthy expression of anger is the key to violence prevention, conflict resolution, promoting tolerance and bridging differences. Project IMPACT teaches strategies for recognizing anger and provides healthy, constructive avenues for the expression and management of anger. The overall objective of this program is to diffuse anti-social behavior on the part of the clients by teaching them to recognize and deal with anger in healthy ways.

Stories from people we are proud to serve: About our IMPACT Parent Education

“I would like to thank Mrs. Jordan for being there to teach us about what we need to know about life, about things we need to do to change ourselves and to make a better life and have more hope.  Thank you Mrs. Jordan – I know that all the class cares for you like I do.”
Keith and Sharon, Los Angeles County, CA